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School of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism

e-mail: ifksit [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru
телефон: +7 (391) 206-21-74
факс: +7 (391) 206-21-74

School of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism joined sport and educational and recreational resources of SibFU, namely Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Sport Club and Centre for Sport and Recreation. These subdivisions accumulated a huge experience in sport and exercising, and education and research activities; developed a system of integration scientific knowledge with training practice, which encourages sport achievements at a world level. In close cooperation with famous sport schools in biathlon, cross country skiing, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling, alpine skiing, orienteering etc., our School trained athletes, whose sport results Krasnoyarsk Territory and Whole Russia are very proud of.

In future our School graduated can have a career as:

  • A cybersport manager. A specialist on organization and running cyber competitions, (League of Legends championship or international 4 in Dota 2 and so on).
  • An advisor on industrial tourism who is a specialist in exploration and analysis of buildings and engineering constructions, and territories of special, industrial or civil purpose, and also any other abandoned facilities for satisfaction the research interest and aesthetic or psychological pleasure.
  • A specialist on rehabilitation of web-addicts who is an expert in development and popularization of fitness life style, practical realization of its principles via exercising under circumstances of informational overload of modern community (obsessive web surfing, addiction to virtual life, game addiction, cybersexual addiction etc.).
  • An extreme tourism instructor. A specialist on development tours, providing refuse of using modern electronic and mechanical devises which help to survive in extreme conditions, (GPS other navigators, fire arm or other weapon, except for a knife).
  • A methodologist for training machine adjustment. A specialist who works out individual plans for exercising (including physical therapy) and further adjustment or setting modes in equipment used– treadmills, stationary bicycles, elliptical machines etc.
  • An online coach. A specialist in training athletes distantly via modern means of communication.
Maxim S. Zlotnikov
+7 (391) 206-47-77, MZlotnikov [at] sfu-kras [dot] ru, страница сотрудника
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