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School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Material Science

School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science is not an ordinary institution of scientific and metallurgic education.

Modern metallurgy is a high-tech industry demanding unconventional and creative scientific approach to obtain purified metals, alloys and products. All this can be realized by young well-qualified professionals, who are successfully trained at our School thanks to integration of educational and real practice, ensured by a huge intellectual potential and cutting-edge equipment in training and research laboratories.

School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science was founded as a SibFU subdivision in 2008. Our School trains bachelors, engineers and masters having a set of competencies for metal production support.

After graduation from our School, students can work as:

  • A production engineer of crystal production — a specialist in photolithography, solution chemistry, electron and radial sputter deposition, ion implantation, plasma-chemical milling and sputtering.
  • A Glazer — a specialist in development and manufacturing of products of glass-composite and functional materials.
  • A Designer designs structures (covering, frames, parts) made of composite materials and having the defined characteristics: weight, durability, strength etc.
  • A recycling engineer — introduces and develops technologies of multiple use materials, and also designs technologies for waste-free production.
  • A system engineer exchanges the materials in conventional solutions for composite ones at material selection stage in construction, medicine, mechanical engineering and robotics.
  • An expert in crystallography with deep knowledge of clinical and diagnostic aspects of crystal use in medicine (diagnostic of tumors, design of medical tools, substitution of bone tissue).
  • A production engineer for aerial vehicles recycling designs programs for recycling of raw materials, materials, equipment and frame parts of aerial vehicles.
  • A designer of supramolecular chemistry assemblies is a specialist on template-directed synthesis and formation of high-ordered supramolecular assemblies with preset structure and properties from molecular: building blocks”.
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