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School of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies

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Institute of Economics, Management and Environmental Studies (IEMES) was founded in 2007 on the basis of Economic Faculty of Krasnoyarsk State University (Economic Faculty of Krasnoyarsk State University was established in 1981). Within these years the Institute has trained and re-trained more than 20 000 specialists in Economics, Management and Ecology.


  • Bachelor Degree is designed for 4 years of continuous training (8 semesters, 240 ECTS). The first two-year study level includes modules in natural sciences, mathematics, socioeconomics and humanities. The study modules of the second level (the next two years of study) include advanced profession-oriented modules, subjects in natural sciences, electives from special socio-economic and professional modules and training in industrial and other companies. A Bachelor's degree holder could be employed as a middle-rank specialist.

    Programs: Management; Economics; Personnel Management; Public Administration.

  • Master's Degree is two years after Bachelor's level (120 ECTS) it includes special disciplines and modules, which explain new achievements in science, economics and technology additionally to those in the Bachelor's Degree courses. The courses are oriented towards scientific creativity, consulting activity, practical and research work.

    Programs: Project Management; Management of Organization Changes; Marketing Management in Service; Financial Management; International Management; Conflict Management; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; State, Municipal Finance and Tax Policy; International Economy and Trade Police; Corporate Accounting and Finance and Investment Analysis; Natural Resources Economy and Environment Protection; Personnel Management in Modern Organization, Management in Public Sector; Banking (in Russian and in English); Finance Markets; Conflict Management.

  • Post-graduate courses — It is usually associated with PhD. The duration could be altered. As a rule, post-graduate students carry out real scientific investigations with the use of modern laboratory equipment and software, prepare scientific papers for publication and participate in national and international scientific conferences. The degree that a post-graduate gets after the programme (3-5 years) is the Candidate of Science. This degree gives an opportunity to teach and research. It also gives a chance to write a doctorate dissertation and get the degree of «Doctor of Science». This is the highest academic degree in Russia.

    Doctoral Degrees: Management of National Economy (economics, organization and management of enterprises, branches of economy and complexes — industry); Management of National Economy (Marketing); Economics; Finance, Money Circulation and Credit; Accounting; Statistics; Psychology of Development, Acmeology.

Starting from year 2016 IEMES offers the Master degree program in Banking in English and it is partly delivered by visit-professors from the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy.

Bachelor programs “International Management” and “International Economics” with the intensive English classes and some lectures delivered in English are available as well at IEMES.

Bachelors students also study Eastern culture and oriental languages.

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