Flora A. Tsvizhba

Flora A. Tsvizhba
телефон: +7 (391) 244-81-41
факс: +7 (391) 246-98-78

Место работы

  • Chief Accountant.


  • Krasnoyarsk State University, law, 1986 г.

As Chief Financial Officer, Flora A. Tsvizhba is responsible for managing financial affairs, ensuring policy and legal compliance, mitigating financial risk by creating and implementing a comprehensive risk assessment and insurance program and managing the procurement process of the university.

Flora A. Tsvizhba received her law degree from Krasnoyarsk State University in 1986. Ms. Tsvizhba joined the ranks of the university in 1978 and has served as its Chief Financial Officer since 1987. She is a winner of Outstanding Achievement Award in Higher Education from the Russian government. Flora A. Tsvizhba received her Doctor of Finance degree from the International Academic Accreditation and Certification Committee in 2004

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